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"Panacea" a Great Lakes Skateboarding film by Jake Breed

Check out Jake Breed's newest Great Lakes skateboarding film,"Panacea"
"Panacea": a universal remedy; a cure to what ails.

Featuring our dudes: Cameron Carmichael, Jordan Zuppke, and Casey Huizenga.

As well as other Michigan Natives: Tyler Franz, Braydon Kavanagh, David Engerer, Auttiesh Danger, Talen Bartz, John Hebert, Mike Hoag, Joe Lanenga & many more.

additional filming by Greg Szudzik


PANACEA from Jake Breed on Vimeo.


"Clemente Janets" A Clemente skate park edit

Grand Rapids homies doin' DIY things. This edit is sure to brighten you day! solid skating and music by GLASS CATHEDRAL. Edit By Casey Huizenga. Thanks for making us a part of it!


Labor Day Sale

We are open on Labor Day this Monday September 1, 2014 from 11-5 p.m.
Let us take a load off (with these deals)...
Electric sunglasses 30% off
Sweaters 20+% off
Stance socks buy 2, get 1 free
25% off hats
Sweatshirts 30+% off
All sale shows $40 or less
That will help right? Enjoy your day off!

Summer Clearance sale starts now!

Our Summer Clearance sale is in full effect!
New Fall apparel is arriving daily and we need to clear out some of the old to make room for the new. This is the perfect time to save one apparel and shoes that you'll need for heading back to school or the change in the weather.
  • All Men's Shorts Buy One, Get One Half Off.
  • All Men's tanks at least 30% off
  • Sale Shoes $29 and up! 2 for $89 Combo deal
  • Sale Sweatshirts and Sweaters start at $29
  • Backpacks start at $29
  • 2015 Snowboard gear is arriving already! We want to get rid of last years gear at the lowest prices of the year!

Dominic Palarchio gets Snocial with The Catfish.

Our newest employee, Dominic Palarchio has a "Snocial" interview on with The Catfish. Dom is a talented photographer, skateboarder and snowboarder. He is part of the Burton "Knowbuddy" program and has a heavy amount of footage from this past winter that has been released in edits and he'll be dropping a part that he spent two years filming. Despite the accolades, he maintains a chill and unassuming demeanor. Genuinely a guy anyone would be hyped to ride with!

Dominic Palarchio is one badass kid. I first met Dom two summers ago when at the Burton Demo center. The then 15-year old Dom had been camping out with a posse of friends in the woods of Government Camp and poaching the camp lanes. Two years later, thanks to Instagram, that I began to notice young Dom’s developing eye for photography. Surrounded by a great group of friends and the stark industrial Michigan landscape, Dom’s photos perfectly represent his local scene. Follow Dom on Instagram and Tumblr to see more of this young developing photographer’s work.
How did you get into photography?

Growing up snowboarding and skating, I’ve always been around filmers and photographers. Filming interested me first but I liked being on the other side of the camera better. Photography on the other hand really clicked (no pun intended) for me when I first shot film a couple years ago. Since then it’s grown on me a lot.

What’s your favorite shot you took this last season?
My favorite shot from this season is of Alec Ash 50-50ing a triple kink at night. It was misty outside and it caught the light from my flash real nice like.

Who were some of the people you shot with this season?
Most of the season I shot with my friends around Michigan. A few pro crews came through and I got to tag along and shoot some stuff with Marie Hucal, Mary Rand and Jess Kimura, the Snowboarder Mag boys in Detroit, and once with Think Thank.

You use to be a Summer Govy. local, why didn’t you go to Mt. Hood this year?
 I’ve spent every summer at hood since I was 15. I had such a blast being out there but it felt like a good time to try something new and actually get some summer activities in. This summer I’ve been living at home, trying skating everyday.

What are your plans for next season/the future?
I’ve got a two-year part coming in the fall. School starts again in a few weeks. The plan for next season is to film another part, shoot more photos, and hopefully bring out my own standard-def video. Until then I’ll just be out skating.

Check out the whole interview and more photos at:

Follow Dom on instagram @vacationtonowhere

check his website out at:

Cameron Carmichael does tricks most skaters can't name edit


Here is a solid edit from Cameron Carmichael. The tricks he is doing are completely mind-melting. Just about every variation of a russian boneless, nollie bigflip noseblunts, rallies, switch whatever to what the hell just happened... All of it styled to the max, effortless, and creative. Easily one of the best people I have ever seen skate. So, this edit has no music, but I bet Cameron Would have you throw on your favorite Zappa song and have you take a safety break for the next minute and 53 seconds.

filmed and edited by Adam Mueller (The Graduate).

People Pop Up August 9th and 10th noon-6 p.m.

We are at it again, this weekend we will be hosting another pop up at Rosa Parks Boys in Corktown, Detroit. We will be open August 9 and 10 from noon-6 p.m.

We just love Corktown and can not get enough! It has been so great meeting new people who are curious about our shop. Thanks for the interest and support.

...And we can't forget to give a big thank you to the Rosa Parks Boys for their generosity in letting us use their amazing space!

Here are a few photos from the pop up shop we had a few weeks ago.



Photo: @zordanjuppke gettin' up there @rosaparksboys. We still have a few of the limited t-shirts he's wearing in this photo by: @_jacob_smith If you want one, stop by the shop soon. #dontsleep #whatwouldalawyerdo #bsnoseslide #ofcourse #peopleskate #corktown #rosaparksboys #wepushharder

Displaying 20140727_155459.jpg

Photos by Jacob Smith and Matt Whitney

Giant Spider Skates to Rave Detroit Premiere July 26th @ 9pm

We have a special treat for your minds following our Pop-up Skateshop on Saturday, The Rosa Parks Boys will be premiering "Giant Spider Skates to Rave (On weed laced with PCP)" get ready for some mind bending shit. As painful to watch as it was to film, this is pure bliss. We'll hit play on the old VHS player around 8:30PM

with parts by:

Stephen Thialand Ostrowski
Tim Johnson
Chris Milic
Ryan Reyes
Marky Numbers
Colin Fiske
Preston Harper
and many others

Here's a promo you probably shouldn't watch if you're at work or your grandmothers house...

People Pop-Up Skateshop July 26 & 27 noon - 8pm


We are happy to announce that we will be hosting another Pop-up skateshop at The Rosa Parks Boys space located on 2051 Rosa Parks Blvd in the Corktown district of Detroit this weekend, July 26 and 27 from noon - 8pm.

In similar fashion, We will bring a tightly curated selection from Vans, Levi's Skateboarding, Brixton, RVCA, Coalatree Organics, Altamont, Converse, Magenta, The Killing Floor, Welcome Skateboards, and of course, People Apparel.

We will be doing a limited print of 30 T shirts and lots of stickers to commemorate the weekend.

Come out for good music, great times and some killer apparel. Bring your friends for a relaxed approach to retail in Detroit.

here are some photos from the last event...

Rosa Parks Boys in Juxtapoz

Here is some more great coverage of the 2051 Rosa Parks space! Most of the photos were shot before the space was even open and captures Nick Jaskey painting the now iconic red triangles adorning this flexible space.

RPB is a flexible creative warehouse space in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood. There's no shortage of artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and creative individuals in this city, and they are there to provide them with a space to express themselves and their ideas. They recently had their Grand Opening and hosted an art show for Nick Jaskey. There is a gallery portion of the space that features new art every two weeks. Basically, every other Friday they host an opening reception featuring a new artist.

Behind the gallery, there is an open event space/movie theater. As fans of architecture and skateboarding, they've designed and incorporated sculptural/skate-able elements throughout the space. You don't have to skate to enjoy the space, as everything is multi-purpose and easily transformable. If you have a fresh new idea, contact @rosaparksboys

"Dirty," is a collection of photos and paintings that focus on the application and breakdown of exterior surface sign painting in the city. The photos capture hand-painted signage typical to Detroit, which communicates messages effectively, though often crudely due to a lack of resources.

For Jaskey, however, these signs exceed their goal of communicating a simple message. They are a more honest form of the outreach efforts often seen today; they involve no planning, rely on no technology.

The paintings featured in "Dirty" are Jaskey's response to these signs and their surroundings. They draw from the color, texture and breakdown of the surface over time.

In painting the mural on the exterior of the gallery, Jaskey aimed to mimic another function of the signs: Their ability to offer a glimpse into one's surroundings. In a city where face-to-face interaction is limited, the signs are an indication of life going on around us. The triangles applied to the facade's peeling paint suggest that there is new energy breathing into the once-abandoned warehouse.

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