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Videograss "Mayday" and KTC "Homage" premiere Oct. 3rd at the Crofoot

People is proud to present a Videograss "Mayday" and Keep The Change "Homage" video Premiere on Friday, October 3rd in the Pike Room @ The Crofoot. Doors @ 8. ALL AGES welcome.

Tickets $5 at People or $10 online or at the Door.

Record snowfall last winter brought the Videograss crew to Michigan while working on their new film, "Mayday". With some shots are just blocks from The Crofoot, this video will hold special significance in Michigan snowboarding growing history. We intend to provide a night for the Michigan snowboard community to congregate and engage in collective hoots and hollers as many of the best snowboarders risk life and limb on the silver screen before us!
Black Fruit will bring some spacy stoner rock jams to finish out the evening.
We want this to be a party to bring the Michigan snowboard homies together and get hyped for the upcoming season!



Running time: 35 minutes.

Featuring: Chris Greniere, Chris Brandshaw, Danimals, Danny Larsen, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Kuzyk, Jake Olson-Elm, Joe Sexton, Jonah Owen, Justin Bennee, Justin Fronius, Nick Dirks, Zac Marben, and more!

Buy Videograss Mayday from us HERE



Running time: 35 minutes

Featuring: Mark Wilson, Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, Johnny Brady, Ian Boll, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, and friends.

Buy KTC Homage from us HERE

Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake Locals Only Deals

We want to welcome and thank our neighbors for helping us grow over the past 4 years with a special discount for Locals Only.
This offer is for Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake residents only and expires August 15th.

Get some early back to school shopping done or a new skateboard to enjoy the beautiful weather. Summer is really just starting! Don't miss out!



Tribute to OD3 by Oliver Dixon

Our Dear friend Oliver Dixon IV lost his father last year in a kayaking accident. His father was a huge supporter and inspiration. I think it's safe to say that without that support, Oliver wouldn't be the fun hilarious individual gracing the Yobeat pages or Shredding Hart Plaza. His free spirit is the embodiment of his father and this video is a tribute to him. Get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe shed a tear. We love you and your family OD and couldn't be more touched by this video. Your Dad is proud.


Tribute to OD3: Oliver Dixon Full Part from Sunset Liquor & Lotto on Vimeo.


Written by Ben Clarke — June 16, 2014

The "Hype Era" is upon us

Flanel Lifestyles has dropped their newest full length, "Hype Era" to the dismay of mothers everywhere. This video has many of Michigan's most progressive riders and is the product of many hours of blood, sweat, and contributions to the Phillip Morris Corporation.

Mike Harrington definately should win some sort of award for most determined to capture the best of this epic snow year. Will he do it again? I sure as hell hope so.

Until then, welcome the new era: Hype Era

Hype Era from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.


BBN'BN "Black Out" Teaser.

The Blunts Brews N' Bad News crew has been hard at work making another full length video due Fall of 2014. This round has new faces and a healthy dose of face melters.  Filmed in Michigan and features most of our employees and snowboard team: Andrew Carroll, Alec Ash, Chad Wolfe, Mark Hartmann, Dom Palarchio and many homies. This video is sure to stoke.

"BLACK OUT" TEASER from Scott Smith on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited By
Scott Smith

Additional Filming
John Kubiak
Mike Harrington
Dom Palarchio
Addison Beeker
Stewart Smith
Alec Ash

Filmin' February 2014 WINNERS!

We would like to thank each and everyone who submitted videos! Without you and your hard work, this would be a very boring contest. Fortunately, with 22 serious submissions, all of the judges had their work cut out for them! I don't know if you have ever watched that many edits in a day, but it is no easy task to keep them straight...

Fortunately, the judges were up for the task! This season we had the pleasure of working with:


Justin Meyer - Co Founder of Videograss

Pete Harvieux - Owner of

The Interior Plains Project


Sean Genovese owner and rider

Dinosaurs Will Die


As if getting these dudes to watch your video wasn't enough, We had some awesome sponsors this season!

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to:

Videograss, The Interior Plains Project, Dinosaurs Will Die, Rome SDS, Vans Snow, Gnarly Clothes, Ashbury eyewear, Sandbox Helmets and of course we tossed in some of our gear too.

So who won?


1st place: Stewart Smith

Filmin' February from S2 Filmworks on Vimeo.


2nd Place: Ryan Murphy

Filmin' February from FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS on Vimeo.


3rd Place: Dominic Palarchio

Filmin' February from Dominic Palarchio on Vimeo.


4th Place: John Kubiak

Filmin' February 2014 from John Kubiak on Vimeo.


5th Place: Samuel Pelletier

Filmin' February 2014 from Samuel Pelletier on Vimeo.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone involved! We hope it was fun and you Filmin' February next season!


Flanel "Hype Era" teaser

Flanel Lifestyles dropped their "Hype Era" teaser and it's full of high quality riding that is sure to get you hyped! Full of homies, team riders, employees. Mike Harrington is a machine. Sleepless nights, countless trips, tens of thousands of miles to bring you smiles.


Hype Era (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.

The past 6 months of our lives, spent snowboarding, traveling, eating shitty food, getting in trouble and filming this video.
Featuring Matt Miller, Charlie Hoffman,Paul Dobry, Jack Harris, Al Pal, Tyler May, Alec Ash, Adam Rottschafer, Mac Eckstrand and several others.
Brought to you by Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Flanel Lifestyles, People Skate and Snow, Oven Mittens Co and Murder Mitten

Here and Now: Howl in Detroit

Jake Kuzak, Nick Dirks, Mark Wilson and Justin Meyer have been in Detroit filming for next seasons, Videograss movie. We've been doing what we can to help them out. More photos of the mayhem can be found HERE on howl's website.

There is going to be a lot of Detroit coverage in next seasons videos and magazines!

Support the brands that support out scene!

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These Jackets are a regular fit, consider sizing down for a trimmer fit (unless you have long arms), but wear your regular size if you are going to layer a sweatshirt and use it riding.

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