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The Interior Plain Project Harrow snowboard 2013 -


 The Interior Plain Project Harrow is a board that is part of a concept that has been in the works for nearly a decade. Born out of the midwest and love for riding, this mellow (2mm) camber board is loose and playful, but has the pop and fun only camber can bring. A sintered base ensures this board is fast. snowboarding fast is fun and this board is designed to rip. Triaxial fiberglass and carbon make sure you can bust big backside 180's without looping out, but still soft enough to press. Made by our neighbors to the north (Canada), the boards look great and are built to last. If your looking for a board that has a little more meat on the bones, pick up this midwest creation.

Interior Plains Project is a brand started by friend of the shop: Pete Harvieux. Hailing from Minesota, the graphics and concepts reflect themes many midwesterners hold dear. The Interior Plain project will design and build seasonal collections. While snowboards will be the foundation, the selection of additional goods will vary based on the theme of each collection. This will allow The Interior Plain Project to work with other brands or manufacturers to make specific items that enhance each season’s line. The intent is to be ever-changing like the lifestyle we lead, not confined by branding or limited by categories.

The first collection, launching Fall 2012, is titled Dark Meadows. The Dark Meadows Collection draws inspiration from a visual perspective of covert evil: the shadows that move at the edge of the woods, silhouettes on a moonlit evening that can’t be accounted for, the eerie stillness before a massive storm. This initial collection will comprise snowboards, tees, fleece, and headwear.

This is the beginnings of something big, so get behind it!

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