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There are the haves, the don't haves, and the must haves. This is a must have. Really, this jacket is innovative. Coalatree pulled together a jacket that is made out of bee's wax! I know, right? Crazy. The jacket has a flannel lining underneath the buttons that pulls the entire thing together. Again, it's a must have. And why wouldn't it be?

Check COALATREE's statement:

"COALATREE is engaged in an evolving agricultural movement that will awaken humanity to the realization that freedom comes through being more self-reliant, and less dependent on unnatural foods and goods. We see a day when everyone is more concerned about what goes on and in their bodies - a day when urban gardening and urban art find harmony with a generation that gets down to earth and back to the roots. A world where value is earned through a hard days work and organic quality isn't a cost, its a way of life. At COALATREE, we believe you reap what you sow. That's why all of our products are farm tested and inspire the desire to plant a seed, grow some goods, and experience the freedom that comes through living a more independent and self-sustained life."

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