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Summer Sale Starts NOW!

We are having our annual Summer Sale starting NOW! through August 11th. Save big on the best Skateboard, Snowboard, Clothing and Shoe selection in Southeast Michigan for Men, Women, and Kids.                                 All shorts: 25% off 2 for $69 3 for $79 Sale tee's and tanks:at least 25% off 2 for $34 3 for $44 Sale Pants, sweatshirts and sweaters at least 25% off 2 for $79 3 for $99 sale shoes :at least 20% off 2 for $89 3 for $119 All People clothing 50% off sale backpacks as low as $25 kids sale shoes $19 buy a complete skateboard, get free bearings, grip...

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Spring Clearance Sale- part II

  Spring Clearance Sale- part II March 5th-14th  ALL sweatshirts and sweaters buy one (at regular price), get one 30% off. Lightweight jackets 50% off. Sale shoes 2 for $89 3 for $119. Sale pants $20-$49. ALL skateboards & accessories buy one, save 30% on 2nd item.

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Drawing Restraint 19 featured in Juxtapoz Magazine

We were fortunate enough to snag the Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 19 deck at the Goodwood Art Show benefiting the Rideit Sculpture Park located in Hamtramck, Michigan.                  This is the 19th in a series of performance pieces that Matthew Barney has been responsible for, dating back to 1987. The Drawing restraint series is as a series of studio experiments, drawing upon an athletic model of development in which, growth occurs only through restraint: the muscle encounters resistance, becomes engorged and is broken down, and in healing becomes stronger. In this case, literally restraining the body while attempting to make a drawing. For this piece, A  block of graphite was affixed to the...

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