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Jibs and Salsa 2015 edit

Jibs and Salsa shutdown the 2014 / 15 Michigan snowboard season on April 25th, 2015 this year at Cannonsburg. Flanel's Mike Harrington made this edit featuring friends, Our dude: Jack Harris (Burton) and A BIG Hell Yeah! goes out to Matt Ruhle for getting so much coverage wearing a People Milk Jug Hoodie. You Ruhle! . Riders: Tyler May, Jack Harris, Matt Miller, Joey Leppien, Sam Schowalter, Sam Ralston, Brett Kulas, Mac Eckstrand, Dusty Miller, Matt Ruhle, Linden Cool and Grant Peterson.

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Take Care Trailer

Flanel Lifestyles has been hard at work on this seasons snowboard video, "Take Care". I think it's safe to say, this trailer solidifies that it will be the best yet. Broken bones, long nights and a ruined KIA. Here is the trailer for the past 5 months of our lives... Featuring Charles Beck, Mac Eckstrand, Tyler May, Trevor Newman, Jack Harris, Dan Pandzic, Eric Starke, Matt Ruhle, Matt Miller and more.   Take Care (Trailer) from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.

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"Holly Ruhls" edit

Holly Ruhls from Brandon Ash on Vimeo. Mt. Holly has really hit their park building stride and it's proving itself the place to ride in southeast michigan this season. We have the efforts of Mike Kirkon and Matt Ruhle to thank. In this edit you'll see our employees Kristen Theos, Alec Ash, and friends: Brandon Ash, Matt Ruhle, and Trevor Newman give some fresh features a beating (and vice versa) Filmed by Brandon Ash Additional filming by Trevor Newman and Alec Ash Edited by Alec and Brandon Ash  

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