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what size snowboard should I ride?

What board should you ride? Despite what those sizing charts on the back of snowboards say, snowboard sizing is preference based and many factors go into picking the right board length. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself... What size is my foot?  Toe drag is a drag. Maybe the most disappointing feeling is laying hard into a toe side edge in soft and feeling that sudden loss of grip. You skid on your stomach, people on the chair laugh, and you're buddies riding behind spray you when your down. This could all have been avoided by a few millimeters more of waist width. The waist width of a board is no doubt the first factor I turn to...

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Check out the 2013 Rome Snowboard line for men!

If you need an entry level board (or just a killer deal), check out The Tour or The Tour Wide What's up with it? Well, it has no hang up design meaning that it is very forgiving and ideal for the beginner to intermediate rider, but this shape is also very effective when it comes to jibbing without having to hang up. Think about the base looking like spoon. Since the edges are raised it is less likely to catch. The 2013 Tour also has a rocker profile. Rocker profiles are great because they are so forgiving; they float on snow like a boat rides through water.  Moving up the line to more jibtastic designs. Check out either the Hammer...

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