Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard

$509.00 $679.95
By Burton

Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard

"Experience Family-Focused Fun with the Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard – Just Like Grilo"

The Burton Family Tree Gril Master Snowboard pays homage to Marko "Grilo" Grilc's vision, merging his love for family and snowboarding, allowing him to ride sideways while raising his children. Dubbed the authentic "dad board," it effortlessly transitions from leisurely family rides to charging alongside the kids. Whether hitting big air, conquering slopestyle, or simply marveling at the stars above the mountains, Grilo's legacy lives on. Forever in our hearts, Grilo's passion is embodied in this exceptional snowboard.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: Like a literal family tree, this year's Family Tree board graphics symbolize the interconnectedness of all things. Representing the solar system, atom, earth, and moon, these graphics encapsulate the entire universe. With versatility that spans all terrain, riding styles, and snow conditions, this trio of boards, including the Grill Master, ensures you're covered for every adventure.

Key Features:

  • Directional Camber Bend: A blend of camber under both feet and a rockered nose provides stability in variable conditions and ample float in soft snow.
  • Twin Stance and Directional Float: The Freeride Directional Shape centers your stance for a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base. On edge, it turns tightly and quickly, offering the soft snow float and feel of a directional deck.
  • Freeride Focus: The Gril Master is crafted with the freeride mindset, delivering a mellow, enjoyable ride with the capability to shred laps when the moment arises.

Board Specifications:

  • Bend: Directional Camber
  • Shape: Freeride Directional
  • Flex: Directional
  • Taper: 15mm
  • Core: Super Fly II 700G Core with Dualzone EGD
  • Fiberglass: 45° Carbon Highlights
  • Base: Sintered WFO
  • Mounting: The Channel
  • Features: Balanced Freeride Geometry, Pro-Tip, Infinite Ride
  • Riding Level: Intermediate, Expert
  • Sustainability: Super Sap Epoxy
  • Warranty: 3-YEAR WARRANTY – All 2014 and newer Burton snowboards with The Channel mounting system, including the Grill Master, are backed by a three-year warranty from the date of purchase.