Public Disorder Snowboard 155cm

$359.00 $449.95

2024 Public Disorder Snowboard

size 155cm

Joe Sexton's Pro Model

The Disorder Snowboard, Joe Sexton's Pro Model, is more than just a "park board." It's a versatile powerhouse that combines pop and stability with a soft and playful nature, making it a true wrecking force in both park and urban settings. Whether you're hitting the terrain park, tackling the streets, or exploring the entire mountain, this board is your perfect companion.

Key Features:

  • Micro Camber Profile: The Micro Camber profile offers traditional camber, but with just a small amount of it. This minimal camber provides the board with a "broken-in" feel right out of the wrapper.
  • Graphic Design: This season, we've collaborated with artist and friend Nick Dahlen for the graphic design. Nick's unique perspective on everyday objects brings an exciting and fresh look to this collection.


  • Best For: Street & Park Riding
  • Flex Rating: Soft to Medium

Tech Features:

  • Biax Glass: All PUBLIC Snowboards are crafted using Biax fiberglass, ensuring a consistent and smooth flex from tip to tail. This allows the board to remain nimble and predictable.
  • Urethane Sidewalls: Urethane sidewalls offer superior dampening properties compared to industry-standard materials. They enhance durability and protect your board from delaminating during impact on rocks or rails.
  • Sintered Base: Our sintered base is created by crushing polyethylene pellets under high pressure, making it more porous for maximum wax absorption and abrasion resistance. This translates to a faster and more durable board.
  • Carbon Stringers: A 20mm wide carbon fiber stringer runs tip to tail, increasing overall pop and response without compromising torsional flex. This ensures the board remains lively and nimble underfoot.
  • Poplar Core: The Poplar Core is constructed from 100% FCS certified poplar wood, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It's the core that provides the backbone for our boards.

The Disorder Snowboard, Joe Sexton's Pro Model, is your go-to choice for versatile, responsive, and playful riding. Whether you're seeking a board that's ready to roll from day one or one that can conquer the entire mountain on day 100, this board delivers. Join us in celebrating the art of snowboarding with this exceptional creation.