Rome Agent Pro Snowboard size 155W

$409.00 $589.95
By Rome

2024 Rome Agent Pro Snowboard

size 155W

The 2024 Rome Agent Pro Snowboard in size 155W is the pinnacle of responsive freestyle riding, meticulously designed for uncompromising performance in the terrain park and beyond. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Key Features:

  1. Fusion Camber:

    • A positive camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points, making it the ideal profile for all-mountain performance. The Fusion Camber provides a responsive and precise feel for riders who demand the best.
  2. True Twin:

    • The true twin design ensures a fully symmetrical setup, including sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles, and nose and tail lengths. This makes the Agent Pro versatile for freestyle maneuvers in any direction.
  3. Double Kick:

    • The Double Kick feature is an aggressive, two-part rise in the board's nose and/or tail, enhancing pressability and facilitating smoother landings. Perfect for riders who want to push the boundaries of freestyle riding.
  4. Carbon Omega HotRods:

    • Carbon Omega HotRods, placed in the board's nose and tail, deliver exceptional ollie power and provide a snappy, responsive ride. The carbon construction ensures maximum performance and a powerful feel.
  5. Flax Impact Plates:

    • The addition of Flax Impact Plates enhances impact absorption and boosts overall durability. These plates are strategically placed to reinforce specific areas of the board.
  6. Biax Glass:

    • The Biax Glass construction incorporates fiberglass with two different axes, promoting torsional playfulness and flexibility. This design allows for versatile and responsive maneuverability.
  7. SuperPop Core:

    • The SuperPop Core is the lightest and most responsive core in the Rome Agent Pro. It consists of alternating strips of 10mm poplar and 20mm paulownia, providing a perfect balance of weight reduction and performance.
  8. SinterSpeed Base:

    • The SinterSpeed Base is a premium sintered base material known for its high molecular content and exceptional wax absorption. This advanced base enhances speed and performance, making it the top choice for demanding riders.
  9. Flax Walls:

    • Flax Walls bring advanced impact absorption properties to the board, contributing to increased rigidity and strength in specific regions. This ensures a board that can handle the challenges of aggressive riding.

The 2024 Rome Agent Pro Snowboard is the go-to choice for riders seeking an ultra-powerful, true twin board that excels in the park and conquers all-mountain terrain with confidence and style. Prepare to elevate your freestyle game to new heights with the Agent Pro.