Rome Trace Bindings L/XL

$164.00 $239.95
By Rome

2024 Rome Trace Bindings

size L/XL

Color: White

Introducing the Rome Trace Snowboard Binding, the epitome of all-mountain versatility and reliability. Here's a detailed overview of its features:

Key Features:

  1. Binding Riding Style:

    • Adjustable between Playful (4) and Precise (9), catering to various riding preferences.
  2. Binding Platform: HeelWrap

    • The HeelWrap platform introduces elegant simplicity and a supportive, ride-anything flex.
    • Features an adjustable aluminum heel hoop with two points of connection to the baseplate.
    • Interacts directly with the board, absorbing chatter while providing responsive performance.
  3. Binding Customization:

    • Offers customization ranging from 3 (Minimum) to Maximum (unspecified).
  4. Straps:

    • ProFlex Ankle Strap:
      • Powered by AuxTech®, providing expandability, durability, and a superior locked-in hold.
    • PureGrip Toe Strap:
      • Minimalist design for foolproof simplicity.
      • Maximum coring for a lightweight and versatile strap.
  5. Fast Entry:

    • Incorporates FastEntry Technology for quick and easy entry into the binding.
    • Pre-curved ladder on ankle and toe straps for efficient strapping in.
  6. Bombproof Buckles:

    • One-piece forged aluminum construction for enhanced grip and durability.
    • Wider stance teeth area for increased engagement, facilitating easier ratcheting.
  7. Binding Materials:

    • Highback:
      • 100% Nylon construction.
    • Baseplate:
      • 30% Glass, 70% Nylon composition.

The Rome Trace binding is designed to be the next chapter in all-mountain versatility and reliability. With the HeelWrap platform, ProFlex Ankle Straps, and other innovative features, this binding provides a supportive and responsive ride for all-season enjoyment. Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and performance with the Rome Trace Snowboard Binding. Strap in faster, ride longer, and elevate your snowboarding experience with Rome.