Alltimers New Vision Art School Will Deck 8.3


Alltimers New Vision Art School Will Marshall Deck 8.3

In 2017, artist Lesly Pierre Paul established the New Vision Art School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, driven by a noble mission. This mission centers on fostering the artistic talents of the community's youth by equipping them with the necessary materials and support to express themselves through the medium of painting. The highlighted series showcases a carefully curated collection of artworks crafted by students who regularly participate in classes at New Vision. Their creations have achieved global recognition by gracing the walls of galleries worldwide.

The artistic style embraced by these students draws deeply from the traditions of voodoo and the Saint-Soleil movement within Haitian art, which emerged in the 1970s. Throughout history, amid natural disasters, poverty, and oppressive governance, these artistic movements in Haiti have functioned as potent tools for self-expression, empowerment, and resistance against authoritarian rule. New Vision provides young artists with a platform to explore and contribute to their homeland's rich cultural heritage, shaping their own unique and meaningful masterpieces.

The proceeds generated from this series will be channeled towards supporting the New Vision Art School and its committed students, ensuring the continuation of their artistic pursuits and the safeguarding of their cultural legacy.

  • Will Marshall Pro Model
  • 8.3" wide skateboard deck
  • 7 ply Canadian Maple