Anon MFI Paneled Neck Warmer


Anon MFI Paneled Neck Warmer

Color: Black

Detail: Introducing the Anon MFI Paneled Neck Warmer, the ultimate neck gaiter that was originally exclusively bundled with the M4 Goggles. This versatile accessory allows you to easily adjust to shifting weather conditions, whether you prefer wearing it around your neck or pulling it up for complete facial coverage. Its seamless integration with MFI-compatible goggles ensures a secure fit, while specially designed exhaust ports effectively manage your breath.

  • MFI Goggle-Ready

    It comes with all three types of MFI carriers, so it's compatible with any pair of MFI® goggles.

  • Fog-Free Visibility

    Channeled exhaust ports move exhaled breath down and away from your goggles and lenses.