Burton Womens Limelight Step On Snowboard Boots 2024

By Burton

2024 Burton Womens Limelight Step On Snowboard Boots  

Color: Stout White

Detail: Achieving Effortless Style from Dawn to Dusk

When you slip into the women's Burton Limelight Step On Snowboard Boots, you're ready to effortlessly dial in the perfect fit, step onto your board, and glide through the day. These boots provide foot-hugging comfort right out of the box, allowing you to seamlessly execute jibs, buttery moves, and precise carves. They strike the ideal balance between all-day comfort and a relaxed, versatile performance. The Step On system's intuitive connection ensures smooth lift transitions and unwavering board control. Furthermore, these boots offer top-tier warmth and comfort with their insulated, heat-moldable liners, paired with heat-reflective technology to keep you on your board, grinning from ear to ear, throughout the entire day.

  • Just Step Right In

    The Step On system creates a clean and simple boot-to-binding interface that lets you step right in. No buckles. No Straps. No Fuss.

  • Responsive, Medium-Stiff Feel

    A not too stiff, no too soft flex means you can push your skills without being pushed around.

  • Micro-Adjustable Uniform Fit

    The Sequence BOA Fit System has two distinct lace paths for a uniform fit from top to bottom with the simple twist of a dial.