Capita Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard 2022 - People Skate and Snowboard
Capita Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard 2022 - People Skate and Snowboard

Capita Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard 2022


2022 Capita Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard

With a soulful trip to the early days of snowboarding, CAPiTA and Spring Break present a line of hand-made Ultralight Powder Dis-placement Snowcraft. Conceptualized by Corey Smith and designed by CAPiTA, this series embodies the heart of Corey's garage built, oversized, plywood decks—but have been created using the technology available in the best factory in the world. A buoyant, ultra-lightweight Surflite Core combined with a Surf Rockercamber profile and broad-shouldered shapes all work together to create zero-gravity floatation on top of even the deepest pow. Packed with new technology for like the Carbon Fleece Power Shield, Waterjet Cut Sidewalls, and custom formulated Holysheet fiberglass for wider frames—we have managed to increase durability while maximizing performance in these oversized and lightweight frames. Featuring an all-new Powder Pill , there is no doubt that these Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft will take you one step closer in the search for the perfect wave.

  • Replacing balsa with ultra wide zones of flyweight Paulownia, and premium Poplar, we’ve managed to maintain the ultralight weight of the SURFLITE core while dramatically increasing its strength and durability
  • For increased power transfer underfoot while snapping pow turns while maintaining vibrations to keep a surfy feel
  • Biax/Biax HOLYSHEET has higher glass to weight ratio than normal fiberglass.Impregnated with high performance plant based MAGIC BEAN RESIN for the most powerful and dynamic ride
  • Dynamic and durable, easy to maintain and reliable, this base material is electric through the trees and fast over the flats. Exclusively formulated for the wide chassis of the Spring Break powder division these bases were made with the powder lifestyle in mind
  • Waterjet cutting produces a stronger ABS sidewall as the ABS is milled to design specification rather than bent into its final shape. The process also produces zero heat thus the material’s chemical structure remains intact.
  • Specially treated pure wood veneer topsheet with a unique tactile feel that is 220gm lighter than the standard process