Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021 - People Skate and Snowboard
Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021 - People Skate and Snowboard
Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021 - People Skate and Snowboard
Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021 - People Skate and Snowboard
Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021 - People Skate and Snowboard

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard 2021


2021 Capita Ultrafear Snowboard


EC907 didn’t know why he signed up for the program. Maybe it was for the promise of a free buffet lunch in the real world or the chance to expand his social circle with humans. Or, maybe it was just plain existential boredom. Anything was better than another day spent on ExistaNet, where everything was perfectly customized to his preferences and absolutely sterile.

Since the droids took over the tasks most people used to do for work, there was really nothing left for the average human except to live in a splendid bubble of leisure. Whatever your ideal paradise was, on ExistaNet, it was just a click away. The streets were empty because no one even left their homes anymore. Even with a plethora of cybernetic upgrades available to make you superhuman, most people chose to abandon their biological bodies, seen as unreliable old tech and a nostalgic luxury. Reality was so passé

But perfection always rubbed EC907 the wrong way. It didn’t make sense for humans to be perfect. What was the point of life if there was no opportunity to evolve? People lived forever now. Dying was an option, and not even a permanent one as long as you were logged in and kept up with the subscription fees.

As he got into his jumpsuit, EC907’s heart pounded. Odd feeling. It took him awhile to realize that this was anxiety, a sensation he couldn’t remember when he felt last. On ExistaNet, all negative emotions were turned off.

He tore open the welcome package and dumped the contents out onto the table. There was an ID holo-card imprinted with his human code and true face, and to his surprise, a palm-sized manual printed on paper.

Ha! A real ass book! EC907 couldn’t believe it. As if the giant skull symbol emblazoned on the entrance of the facility didn’t give it away, this all but confirmed it—he got himself into some next level Kult of Positive Force type shit

EC907 carefully, almost reverently, picked up the book and opened it to the first page:

Welcome to Project ULTRAFEAR. Here, you will learn about pain, fear, rage, and control. You will learn how to balance the first three, to achieve the fourth. Your mind will become a weapon. We will teach you what it means to be a Kultist and you will learn how to make the droids bleed.

As a three-time Transworld Good Wood Award winner and star of endless video segments, no board has seen more screen time than CAPiTA’s team favorite, the ULTRAFEAR. With Kevlar/Titanal Body Armor™ and a 1.5 mm Cork Edge Dampening System alongside the high strength Holysheet™ Fiberglass configuration, the technically advanced composition of the ULTRAFEAR provides increased ollie power and a toughness coveted by many riders. Loaded with high-end technical attributes and further upgraded with a Dual Blaster Ashpop Core™ and Quantum Drive™ high-speed sintered base, the ULTRAFEAR stands as one of the greatest jib and park boards in the world.

RIDER TYPE: The urban and park destroyer

FLEX: 5.5


These versatile boards feature a dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape. A zero camber section throughout the insert area provides a stable skate-style feel, while elevated contact points turn on a dime and float effortlessly in powder.



A dense and powerful core built for durability and control.


Precision tuned, futuristic performance technology.


Damp, durable, and lighter than rubber, cork increases protection from blunt force impacts.



Triax/Biax HOLYSHEET™ has higher glass to weight ratio than normal fiberglass. Impregnated with high performance plant based MAGIC BEAN™ RESIN for the most powerful and dynamic ride.


Harder, stronger, faster, the Quantum Drive™ base is an updated sintered ultra-high molecular weight, ultra-high density polyethylene base – The Millenium Falcon of bases, just got turbo charged.

• Multitech™ Level 4 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Topsheet + PAM16000™ Topsheet w/ Metallic Underlay

• Multitech™ Sublimation Base + Die-cut Base

• PLT Topsheet Technology™

• 360 Degree HRC48 Steel Edges

• Full ABS1000 Sidewalls

• Stainless Steel 4 x 2 Inserts