Loaded Tan Tien Deck Flex 2

Loaded Tan Tien Deck Flex 2

The Loaded Tan Tien Deck  in Flex 2 is an ideal carving board which is often chosen by people looking for a college cruiser / commuter that is slightly shorter than the Loaded Dervish Sama. Loaded's unique construction of vertically laminated bamboo with triaxial fiberglass is the closest thing to snowboarding on the pavement (sorry freeboard... caster wheels are for ripsticks and stupid). These boards flex like a snowboard and release the energy built up to propel you out of the turn. It's fun stuff. if you're by the store, stop in and try our demo.

The latest iteration of the Tan Tien features a new engineered wood bottom veneer and a new grip design.

length: 39"

width: 8.75"

Wheelbase: 27"

Drop-through construction

Diecut grip

Flex 2- 130-210+ lbs