Public x HUF Display Snowboard - People Skate and Snowboard
Public x HUF Display Snowboard - People Skate and Snowboard
Public x HUF Display Snowboard - People Skate and Snowboard

Public x HUF Display Snowboard

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2023 Public x HUF Display Snowboard

A collaboration between Public Snowboard and Huf Worldwide

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of HUF we came together to create a project that aims to tap into a time where simplicity was king and it was all about the feeling of getting out and snowboarding with friends. The Huf X PUBLIC snowboard aims to bring back these feelings with its graphic nod to the nostalgia of the first days of snowboarading, on our modern board shape the display.The special colorway and collaboration release is the melding of two like-minded worlds to re unite a time where riding was based on a feeling whether it was on snow or street.

The Public Display is built for versitile riding conditions. It's Darrell Mathes' Pro Model and features a Frame camber rocker profile that is sure to bring float and playfulness while having the tech to set the landing gear down when conditions are sketchy. Thanks to Aramid Strips and Carbon Stringers this looser camber profile has what is needed to be poppy, strong, and hard charging. If you're wondering, why the higher price tag? You're getting a lighter and stronger Poplar Light core featuring strips of paulownia hard wood. Armid Strips for durability and a stable edge because Darrell is known to point it first and look back later. A 156 is the perfect all mountain freestyle deck in the backcountry. Size down for a better rail board.

  • Poplar Light Core – Poplar Light is a premium version of our tried and true Poplar core and uses 100% FCS certified wood. We’ve strategically placed super lightweight paulownia wood throughout the core to reduce weight but maintain a snappy feel. Strips of hardwood are placed underneath the bindings to reduce board breaks at the binding line and increase insert retention. The Poplar Light Core is only used on our highest-end boards.
  • Carbon Stringer - A 20mm wide carbon fiber stringer running tip to tail to increase overall pop and response without increasing torsional flex to keep the board feeling lively and nimble underfoot. Carbon stringer is the most effective way to add pop without increasing weight
  • Aramid Stringers - Aramid stringers are strategically placed in a V pattern in the tip and tail for increased durability, dampening and a dose of added pop! Aramid fibers are used to make bulletproof vests so you know every board made with Aramid stringers will be more durable and hold its pop longer, season after season.
  • Biax Glass - All PUBLIC Snowboards are made using Biax fiberglass. Biax fiberglass creates a consistent and smooth flexing snowboard tip to tail while allowing the board to stay nimble and predictable.
  • Urethane Sidewalls - Urethane sidewalls are used in all Public boards for their superior dampening properties compared to the industry standard ABS and P-tex sidewalls. Urethane sidewalls are more durable against impact on rocks or rails to prevent your board from delaminating when you get caught slippin’ in the park or backcountry.
  • Sintered Base - Rather than melting polyethylene pellets together (extrusion), sintered bases are manufactured by crushing the pellets together under high pressure. This makes a sintered base more porous for maximum wax absorption, and more abrasion-resistant. In other words it makes the board faster and more durable!