Rome Vice Snowboard Binding 2018

Rome Vice Snowboard Binding 2018

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Rome Vice Snowboard Binding 2018

Vice Snowboard Bindings 2018

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Response Rating6-9 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


V-Rod Ultralight BaseplateWith Rome's V-Rod Ultralight Baseplate and the V-Rod Baseplate, they maintain a powerful connection between your big toe and the lateral side of your heel, while at the same time lifting the other two corners and increasing SubBase dampening materials. Rome does this to engineer their baseplates to deliver proper flex.

AsymWrap TechnologyRome integrates aircraft-grade aluminum into their bindings in order to optimize their Flex-With-Pop approach to binding design. Featuring their signature UnderWrap design, their heel hoops wrap under the baseplate into the front to leverage rider power into the heel edge and drive power down the rails into the toe edge. With a torsionally flexible profile, their heel hoops keep your interface smooth, surfy and tweakable side to side. More than other bindings, their UnderWrap-powered design delivers.

EVA SubBase V-Pad3D EVA and rubber fill the lifted corners of the baseplate for cushioning. This creates the smoothest side-to-side flex while allowing for a dampening barrier between the baseplate and topsheet of the snowboard.


Asym Vice HighbackA light combination of flexibility and response through coring and Rome's signature spine of lateral support.

Full Highback RotationThis is the starting point for all customization packages. Rome believe snowboarders have a right to customize their bindings, and Rome particularly believe this about highback rotation. This is because highback rotation lets riders put their highback power exactly where they load up heelside response. This is technology you see on all Rome bindings.


ConformGrip 2.0 Toe StrapThe ConformGrip 2.0 continues their legacy of designing industry-leading toe straps. With this latest iteration of their approach of creating straps that conform to any boot's toe shape, Rome maximizes their use of high-friction over-molded material to stretch and lock into place over the toe of your boot. The results is more foot control with less pressure, for maximum comfort.

Contour Boss 2.0 Ankle StrapTemperature resistant materials in a lower-profile construction for perfect mid-range flex.

PivotMount Max TechnologyThe Rome-only innovation that not only gives you choices of ankle strap support, but also makes strap placement super easy. The out-of-the-box setting is over the ankle for all-mountain performance. But why just go with one choice? With two quick turns of a screw, you can lower both sides for more tweakability, or raise both sides for more powerful response. Or adjust both sides independently for a custom asymmetrical response. This is toeside support adjustment made easy.