Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil Complete


Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil Complete

Trucks: Independent Stage 11 169

Wheels: Sector 9 Nineball 61mm 78a

Bearings: Bronson G2

Riser: Independent 1/8" Riser

Embrace Classic Style and Modern Performance with the Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil Complete Longboard

Step onto the Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil Complete Longboard and experience a blend of timeless design and contemporary skate technology. Ideal for both new riders and seasoned longboarders, this setup offers a comfortable and reliable ride suitable for cruising, carving, and everything in between.

Deck Features The Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil deck stands out with its unique 30.0-inch length and 9.8-inch width, providing a spacious platform for stability and foot placement. Crafted from high-quality materials, this deck ensures durability and a smooth ride, whether navigating busy city streets or cruising along beachfront paths.

High-Caliber Trucks Fitted with Independent Stage 11 169 trucks, renowned for their robust construction and precise control, this longboard delivers unmatched stability and responsiveness. These trucks are perfect for executing sharp turns and maneuvering through crowded areas with ease.

Smooth-Rolling Wheels The Sector 9 Nineball 61mm 78a wheels offer a perfect balance of grip and speed, making them ideal for a variety of skating surfaces. At 61mm, these wheels are agile enough for quick movements yet large enough to maintain momentum and glide over minor road imperfections effortlessly.

Premium Bearings Equipped with Bronson G2 bearings, the Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil ensures a silky-smooth roll and long-lasting performance. These bearings are designed to reduce friction and provide a faster, more efficient ride.

Enhanced Riding Comfort with Risers Including Independent 1/8" risers, this longboard improves clearance and minimizes vibration, enhancing overall ride quality. The risers also help prevent wheel bite, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

The Sector 9 Fat Wave Fossil Complete Longboard is a superb choice for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors on a reliable, stylish board. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, it promises to deliver satisfaction whether you’re commuting or simply enjoying a leisurely ride along your favorite paths.

Discover the Thrill of Longboarding with Sector 9 – Where Every Ride is an Adventure!