Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard 2024


2024 Spring Break Powder Twin Snowboard

Where Business Meets the Party, Always

The Spring Break Powder Twin, where there's no business in the front and party in the back—it's all business and all party, all the time. This board takes a symmetrical approach to the art of party boarding, setting a new standard for fun on the mountain. It may look like a twin-tip park board, but it's been crafted with the same geometric brilliance that makes Spring Break Snowboards legendary in both powder and on corduroy.

The Powder Twin is perfect for freestylers living in powder paradise or larger riders seeking a wide twin that delivers. Featuring a super-wide chassis, the Surf Rocker camber profile ensures maximum flotation, and the all-new META Core provides power and control. With the signature Spring Break super-tight six-meter sidecut, this board is all about riding the waves and slashing through the powder.

Key Features:

  • Rider Type: Tailor-made for powder enthusiasts and those who love to have fun at the resort.

  • Flex Rating: An ideal flex of 5, providing the right balance of responsiveness and playfulness.

  • Camber Type: The SURF CAMBER TWIN PROFILE ensures smooth arcing tip and tails with camber through the inserts, allowing for maximum float and control.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

  • META CORE: An innovative core combining the lightweight P2 Superlight Core with high bending and shock-absorbing Beech stringers running through the inserts for added strength and snappy pop.

  • CARBON V-TECH AMPLIFIERS: Enhances power and response without adding extra weight.

  • HOLYSHEET FIBERGLASS + MAGIC BEAN RESIN: Utilizes Triax/Biax HOLYSHEET for a higher glass-to-weight ratio than normal fiberglass, impregnated with high-performance, plant-based MAGIC BEAN RESIN for a dynamic ride.

  • POWDER DRIVE BASE: Dynamic, durable, easy to maintain, and built for the powder lifestyle. This base material offers exceptional performance in deep snow and on flat terrain.

Embrace the blend of business and pleasure with the Spring Break Powder Twin, the board that's ready to tackle the slopes and keep the good times rolling.