Thirtytwo Lo-Cut snowboard boots 2017 Frank April

Thirtytwo Lo-Cut snowboard boots 2017

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The Thirtytwo Lo-Cut snowboard boots have received a major liner upgrade for the 2016 / 2017 season. I've never thought too much of the level 1 liner used last season, while it's very comfortable, it seems to die a fast death if ridden more than 20 or so days. However, The Level 2 Liner changes everything. It's the same liner found in the ThirtyTwo Lashed. 100% heat moldable intuition foam that has a firm but very contouring feel.
The Thirtytwo Lo-Cut fills an important place in the Thirtytwo line up. Some Lashed lovers complained that the new backstay that was introduced last year made the boot too stiff. This Low-Cut has a flex pattern like the Lashed before that "upgrade."

If you're someone who feels the lashed is too stiff, This is it!
The skateboard influenced sole is also grippier than the STIevolution foam soles on ice, great for hiking handrails.
Not failing to mention, This Frank April throwback colorway is straight fire.