Thrasher Skate Mag T-shirt size large

$19.00 $25.95

Thrasher Skate Mag T-shirt

size large

color: grey /red

The Thrasher Skate Mag T-shirt is a classic and iconic piece for skateboard enthusiasts. Here are the key details:

  • Color: The T-shirt comes in a grey/red color combination, adding a vibrant touch to the classic Thrasher design.

  • Fit: It features a standard fit, providing comfort and a relaxed style. The T-shirt is woven from sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton and polyester, ensuring a quality and eco-friendly garment.

  • Material: Composed of 90% pre-shrunk cotton and 10% polyester, the T-shirt offers a soft and comfortable feel.

  • Artwork: The center-chest artwork is a signature Thrasher Skate Mag design, representing the brand's legacy in the skateboarding culture.

  • Label: The T-shirt is finished with a sewn-in label at the inner neck, showcasing authenticity and attention to detail.

  • Style: The style number is 311027, providing a reference for enthusiasts and collectors.

Thrasher is renowned for its connection to skateboarding and street culture, and this T-shirt is a testament to the brand's influence and timeless design. The grey/red color combination and iconic Skate Mag artwork make it a standout piece for anyone who appreciates the history and style of Thrasher Magazine.