Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2023 - People Skate and Snowboard
Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2023 - People Skate and Snowboard
Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2023 - People Skate and Snowboard
Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2023 - People Skate and Snowboard

Union Force Snowboard Bindings 2023


2023 Union Force Snowboard Bindings in Black

The Union Force Snowboard Bindings can handle it all. From hard and crusty chunder to creamy fresh pow turns to steep icy chutes, the Force is Union's most trusted all mountain binding with a reputation for durability and performance. If you're on the Force, you're doing something right.


A brand within the brand, the Force delivers the durability and purity of performance demanded by 100-plus-a-day-a-year riders. An indestructible binding that can handle any condition or terrain with all the features you need and nothing you don't. Multi-year comfort and dependability, back by a lifetime warranty base.

Tech Highlights


Pioneering the concept of “True Flex” base design, Union was also the first binding on the market to incorporate bombproof Extruded Aluminum Heelcups, and Magnesium Buckles.


Compared to other bindings in this price category, the Force stands alone. We have combined superb materials, features and function that merge into an overall value that is second to none.

Tech Features

  • HIGHBACK: Team Hiback

    Duraflex Injected Multizone Force Highbacks are tapered towards the top, providing flex and tweakability where you want it, support and durability where you need it.

  • (NEW) STRAPS: Exoframe 2.0 Ankle Straps

    Redesigned and fine tuned, the all new Exoframe 2.0 Ankle strap functions as a suspension system for your feet. Improved comfort, extended durability, and an all-new hinging system that allows for easier entry. Extremely responsive.


    Simply put, Duraflex ST is the same material as regular Duraflex, but with increased glass for more response without the weight. Designed for cold temperatures. 


    The rigidity and strength of Extruded Aluminum acts like a roll cage on a race car - stiffening the entire chassis. The male/female connection with the base provides seamless response.


    Multi-Density Thermoformed Bushings sustain their function season after season - unlike competitors who use urethane, rubber or other materials that change color and become brittle over time.

  • Toe Strap: (NEW) Hex Grip with Secure-Lock

    Toe strap adjustment has been redesigned and reinforced with double the connection strength, thanks to the new pin system. Multi-Positional options and thermoplastic anti-slip material keeps you locked in and on point.


    This Union exclusive process produces a material 4 times the strength of aluminum with only 1/2 the weight. Plus magnesium is easily recycled and remains the eighth most abundant element on the planet.

  • Our Take: There’s a very good reason why the FORCE has been a key player in UNION’s line since day 1. It is unarguably the most durable, versatile, no bologna binder on the market today.  The first choice for Pro Riders around the globe, the Force continues to evolve and grow as the most reliable binder to strap you in without holding you back. If you want a binding that can perform in all conditions, with a mid-high stiffness rating than the new 2019 Force is the end of the line for you.
  • Rider Profile: Powder when the snow’s flying, Park when the sun’s shining, rippin’ groomers when the corduroy is fresh or beating yourself up scraping around a frozen mountain that hasn’t been groomed in a week. This binding is for the 100+ days a year, the “I go no matter what the conditions”, the “I ride everything and ride it all well” kind of guy. 
  • Inside Scoop: In 2017 the Force was named the # 1 Snowboard Binding by Snowsports Industries of America.
  • Size Chart: Small: 6 – 7.5 / Medium: 8 – 10 / Large: 10+