Vans Invado Pro Hybrid Boa Snowboard Boot 2024


2024 Vans Invado Pro Hybrid Boa Snowboard Boot

Color: Black/Gum

Experience the best of snowboard boots with the 2024 Vans Invado Pro Hybrid Boa Snowboard Boot in Black/Gum. These boots are packed with innovative features that make them stand out in the market, providing unparalleled comfort and performance for riders of all levels. Here's why you need to consider these boots for your next snowboarding adventure:

Versatile Performance: The Invado Pro is engineered for versatility, excelling in all terrains. From the terrain park to powder and urban landscapes, these boots effortlessly adapt to diverse scenarios, making them the perfect choice for riders who like to explore it all.

Smartwool Merino Wool Liner: Keep your feet warm and dry with the V2 Ultracush Smartwool liner. Crafted from soft, odor-resistant Smartwool Merino wool, it offers an additional UltraCush interior cushioning layer for warmth and breathability. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Exceptional Support and Cushioning: The V2 Popcush footbed is designed for ultimate support and cushioning. Its dual-density POPCUSH construction, 3D-molded anatomical shaping, airflow perforations, and anti-fatigue coring design ensure superior energy return and impact cushioning. You'll experience unrivaled comfort and protection on the slopes.

Superior Traction: The V2 Waffle Pro outsole with All-Trac Cold Weather Rubber Compound is a game-changer. It provides natural flex and features an UltraCush midsole that reduces weight and enhances impact resistance. The exclusive lug tread pattern and rubber compound deliver the grip and traction you need to confidently explore the side country.

Hybrid BOA Fit System: The Vans Hybrid BOA with Custom Slide Guide offers the best of both worlds, combining traditional lacing with the power of the BOA Fit System. You get the best of both worlds, ensuring secure and targeted heel hold for a truly personalized fit.

Customizable Heel Hold: Tailor your heel hold with the V2 harness, working seamlessly with the V2 liner to provide enhanced support and a personalized fit.

Extra Support and Customization: The PowerCuff strap enhances upper boot support, stability, and responsiveness. You can even adjust the level of engagement to your liking, ensuring a truly custom experience.

Natural Ankle Flexion: The Instep Flex Zone maintains natural ankle flexion, regardless of whether you're in or out of your bindings. It's all about providing comfort and freedom of movement.

All-Day Warmth: Say goodbye to cold toes with the Heat Retention 360° layer. It wraps around the toe box and between the outsole and liner, creating a complete thermal barrier. This crucial feature keeps the warmth in and the cold out, ensuring all-day comfort and warmth.

Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level: With a flex rating falling within the 5-7 range, these boots offer the perfect balance of support and flexibility. They are ideal for riders at the intermediate to advanced skill levels, ensuring top-tier performance and comfort.

Get ready to revolutionize your snowboarding experience with the 2024 Vans Invado Pro Hybrid Boa Snowboard Boot. These boots are designed to elevate your performance and keep you comfortable all day long. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge technology; try them on and conquer the mountain with confidence and style.

All good info, but how do the Vans Invado Pro Snowboard boots fit?

If you are not familiar with Vans Snowboard Boot fit, It is very common to size up a half size from your normal shoe size. Vans boots have a neoprene flex zone in the toe which makes contact with your foot, it often gives the impression that they are too small. However, once you get used to it, you'll see why Vans are our best selling snowboard boots. It helps keep your foot in the right place, reduces heel lift and toe nail smashing. If you are unsure, size up. heel hold is so good, there is little advantage to under sizing. Like all snowboard boots, you can expect them to pack out a half size within the first 6-10 days of riding. Nothing replaces the rider trying them on because there are so many variables, this is just what we have learned after fitting at least a thousand pairs of Vans boots. All that being said, I wear my normal shoe size and they pack out to fit perfectly.