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The idea of DWD was born in '04; their initial launch took place during '05. Jeff Kennan and Sean Genovesse are the founders of Dinosaurs Will Die. Previously they both had success within the sponsorship of other brands, but rather than remaining as pawns of the industry they decided to take matters into their own hands of being the ones moving the pawn. Dinosaurs' are indefinitely a key player in the world of snowboarding that remains as "core", or otherwise known as by-rider-for-rider brands. Not too many snowboard companies these days are ran with real integrity; to do things exactly how they want to despite how the masses may feel. Within their second year of production they had a board called "Fuck Fun" which was later to be banned from Liberty Mountain, PA. As far as I can see that says it all right there: snowboarding is whatever you want it to be without the discretion of what anyone else things you should be doing.