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We've made a real effort to extensively test and carry unique products that we like. We are confident in what we sell! You'll notice, we don't carry every brand. That is intentional. Not everything is worth buying...



We rarely print the same thing twice. Grab your People apparel when its hot off the screen press. Low quantity. Style for days.

From the people
Love this place! A high quality shopping experience. The staff is delightfully kind, helpful and polite. Lots of stylish, unique options at very fair price points for the area. A calming, chill vibe inside with pleasant music and fresh air breezing through. A marvelous little shop and I will be back!
— Lucy
Best shop around for skate and snowboard. I used to be more local, but now i still make the trek anytime I am in need of gear. They make a huge effort to get you into the right set-up by carrying only quality product and having incredibly knowledgeable staff. Ben and team are just all around nice people and have forever earned my business.
— Andrew
team rider

Brennan Richman

GX1000 Skateboards

GX1000 became known for their DIY ethos, producing videos that showcased San Fransisco street skateboarding in its purest form. As the brand has grown, they have expanded their custom apparel offerings into jeans and shorts, sweaters, and skate art graphics. Leaning heavily into the psychedelic history of San Fransisco. Not afraid to take a tab and blast off. An authentic skaters brand. Their videos often featured skaters bombing challenging and unconventional spots in San Francisco, capturing the rawness and authenticity of the skateboarding experience. The crew garnered a dedicated following within the skateboarding community for their commitment to real street skating and their distinct visual style.

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Schedule an in-person shopping experience. We can help with fit assessment and provide a complete equipment set-up for skateboarding or snowboarding.

This valuable service is available at no additional charge to People Skate and Snowboard customers.

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