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Call Me 917 Video 2

The internet is saturated with mediocrity. Fast fashion, algorithms, and cringe-worthy advertisements that make you feel like you’re a part of a demographic you thought you had little in common with. There’s the YouTube autoplay that seems to always result in you watching a mildly engaging tour video, griptape commercial, game of skate, or the proverbial contest runs that seem to last several times longer than the original skate clip you clicked on. It all seems… Just okay. We all fell victim to cynicism and worried that the internet killed off the full-length skate video. We collectively grumbled about the onslaught of parts that were soon forgotten about and “throwaway” footage, as well as montage-based skate vids from our favorite...

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Rosa - Brennan Richman Detroit edit

Brennan Richman is a powerhouse on a skateboard. Massive pop, speed, and can charge through the streets with the best of 'em. Naturally, He stacks tricks where ever he goes, so it should come as no surprise that Kyle had more than enough footage in a few days of skating with Brenna in Detroit to throw together this edit. Enjoy! Brennan Richman is sponsored by People, Rosa Ent., Huf Worldwide, and Good Do Up Skateboards

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Polar Skate Co. x Dear Skating Ron Chatman Collection

We're proud to carry the latest collaborative effort between Polar Skate Co. and Ron Chatman's creative outlet, Dear Skating. Ron Chatman and Pontus Alv are both legends in the game and decided to team up for this limited edition set of clothing and skateboards. The clothing pieces take visual cues from 90's skating and culture. We're stoked on the Polar Skate Co x Dear Block Stripe Polo Long Sleeve Tee in yellow/blue stripes. Outstanding fit and attention to detail. Another rad piece is this Polar Skate Co x Dear Ron Chatman Pro Tee in Ice Grey. Features his artwork on the front and back. We've also got the Polar Skate Co x Dear Block Stripe tee in mint/blue. Ron Chatman...

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