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Cameron Carmichael does tricks most skaters can't name edit

  Here is a solid edit from Cameron Carmichael. The tricks he is doing are completely mind-melting. Just about every variation of a russian boneless, nollie bigflip noseblunts, rallies, switch whatever to what the hell just happened... All of it styled to the max, effortless, and creative. Easily one of the best people I have ever seen skate. So, this edit has no music, but I bet Cameron Would have you throw on your favorite Zappa song and have you take a safety break for the next minute and 53 seconds. filmed and edited by Adam Mueller (The Graduate).

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74 Films "Michigami" Teaser

Eric Carlsen of 74 Films has set out to document an epic norther michigan skateboard adventure.Skating in the beautiful northern part of our state is often overshadowed by the recent popularity of Detroit for skateboarding. People have been flocking to Detroit to explore the decay and failed industrialization. Often calling it a skateboarders paradise. Eric Carlsen has chosen a completely different environment to document and pull inspiration from. What we Michiganders affectionately refer to as "Up North".Teaming up with Cameron Carmichael, John Ryan Hebert, Charlie Hoffman, and Jake Breed.This video will lend proof that Michigan really has it all, but you'll have to wait till winter 2014 to see it, they have a lot of skating, camping, and hatchet throwing...

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