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Polar & Traffic Fall Arrivals

Just in time for some of the best skate weather the year beholds, our fall Polar and Traffic boards have made way through the door. As Philadelphia finalizes it's efforts to demolish the legendary Love Park Traffic came through with a limited press of Love Park inspired decks and lapels. The Traffic Parks & Rec Deck is one that'll go down in history for sure. Alongside the Traffic goods, Polar has graced us with the presence of a bunch of new decks. Polar ran another couple colors in the Polar Alv No Complies Deck, several boards with a more illustrative inspired decks such as the Polar Alv Garden deck and the Polar Hjalte Halberg Night Watch deck, alongside the Polar Rodriguez Kev...

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Polar Skate co. 2016 Spring Line Has Landed

Alongside Polar's new video release we've as well had the arrival of their Spring 2016 line up of decks; with sizes spanning from 8.0 to 8.5 in popsicle shapes and the signature P8 shape there's something for everyone here. All Polar Skate co. decks are made in the USA at Generator Woodshop to ensure quality that's built to last meanwhile putting a buck or two back into the good 'ol homeland.  Here's Aaron Herrington's part from Static IV to get you thinking about if and why you should support a skateboard company that's easily influencing the proper direction of pushing these wooden toys in our era.

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