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Keeping Up With Those Boys

The season most accommodating to skateboarding has come to an abrupt halt in the past week as the snow hit and hasn't stopped since it began. With the seasonal uphold comes some inevitable hard drive dump from those who behold the homies footage. Fritz Pfaff and Quentin Boyer came through last weekend with some fall footage edits to accompany Dominic Palarchio's Baby video. Between these two and Anthony Randazzo's Wig edit these feature the likings of shop riders such as Brennan Richman, Cooper Prezkop, Quentin Boyer, Alec Ash, and Dom. Feast your eyes on these for some inspiration as we recluse to indoor parks or the ski hill for the winter time.

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John_R by M1lkBaby

In spirit of the recent disposal of his vx1000, Dominic Palarchio decided to dump some  local footage that we've been itching to view for a while now. John_R features the likings of shop heads such as Alec Ash, Brandon Ash, Brennan Richman, Quentin Boyer, Cooper Prezkop, and of course Dominic; all alongside many local homies. This was all filmed predominately in the Metro-Detroit/downtown area as well as some footage from several trips to Chicago. Enjoy! Alec Ash fs 50-50, photo by Dominic Palarchio Brennan Richman bs 50-50, photo by Dominic Palarchio Quentin Boyer bs wallride late shuv, photo by Dominic Palarchio

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Dominic Palarchio gets Snocial with The Catfish.

Our newest employee, Dominic Palarchio has a "Snocial" interview on with The Catfish. Dom is a talented photographer, skateboarder and snowboarder. He is part of the Burton "Knowbuddy" program and has a heavy amount of footage from this past winter that has been released in edits and he'll be dropping a part that he spent two years filming. Despite the accolades, he maintains a chill and unassuming demeanor. Genuinely a guy anyone would be hyped to ride with! Dominic Palarchio is one badass kid. I first met Dom two summers ago when at the Burton Demo center. The then 15-year old Dom had been camping out with a posse of friends in the woods of Government Camp and poaching...

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