Quasi Skateboards

Quasi Skateboards started in 2015, originally under the moniker of Mother, essentially as a brand that launched off the falling out of Alien Workshop. Gilbert Crocket, Tyler Bledsoe, and Jake Johnson, who were all once pro for Alien, took it upon themselves alongside Chad Bowers to start a brand that they thought embodied what was essential for skate culture in our day and age. The idea behind Mother was that this was a company they could all put something into and the product was a product of their own. After some legal issues due to the word "Mother" being owned on the internet by someone else Quasi arose. The word Quasi means seemingly; apparently, but not really. It's whatever you want it to be, it's just skateboarding man. Quasi embodies some of the most forward graphic work of any board brand on the market right now and that's what we need in skateboarding right now; brands that are ran with integrity.