PUBLIC Snowboards was created by pro snowboarder, Joe Sexton in 2015 with the idea that there should be more community in snowboarding. A rider owned and operated snowboard company for snowboarders, by snowboarders.
Public Snowboards offers the essential park boards in a variety of camber profiles and flex patterns. Want a soft flexing camber dominant snowboard? Check out the Public Dispute Snowboard, Public Statement Snowboard, or Public General Snowboard
Do you need a bit more versatility in your snowboard? Look at the Public Dispute Snowboard This board marked Public's expanse into more backcountry friendly geometry, but fundamentally it's a board that rides great in the park. For 2023 / 24, Public offers it's first tapered directional freeride snowboard, The Public Research Snowboard. What sets it apart from other similar shaped snowboards is this feels and flexes like a park board, but has the right shape for those deep days.
While run by snowboarders, they are more than snowboarders. Joe is into skateboarding and fashion. Always a keen eye for emerging styles has made his long career successful. This is evident in Public's robust softgoods program incorporating apparel he and the team want to wear. It's that authenticity that make Public Snowboards are relatable snowboard brand that we want to support.

At People, we are proud to be part of that community with many of our team riders proudly rippin their boards. Our guy, Brett Kulas has hit AM status. Dominic Palarchio is a regular contributor and Trevor Newman is on board too.

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