Hélas Caps was founded in 2011 and is the product of Palace Skateboards Pro Lucas Puig, Clement Brunel and Stephen Khu. Though it started as a hat concept, it quickly evolved into track suits, sweaters, pants, and unique cut & sewn custom pieces with a "French Lacoste Steez”central design theme. They leaned into and embraced the 90's sportswear aesthetic before it was on most skaters radar.
the brand’s name Hélas came from the song “Touch the Horizon” by the French rapper Oxmo Puccino. It was playing in the background as they were brainstorming about a potential name. Helas translates into English as "alas" or "unfortunately" which has contributed to the central ethos. 'Alas, what we want to wear isn't available... so here we are, doing it ourselves...'
The Hélas umbrella logo is intended with some irony. A hat covers the head as does an umbrella. Umbrellas are somewhat old fashion, but forever stylish. In that way, Hélas takes cures from the past and contextualizes them in a modern way in their design language.
The execution, fit, and design of the recent seasons has shown an elevated level of mastery and we are excited to see how Helas continues to evolve.
If nothing else, we're going to look extra fly wearing these track suits.