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RVCA is an apparel company founded in 2001 that first grabbed my attention with their featured artist tees. I thought it was such a rad idea to give popular contemporary artist a wearable canvas on my chest. this was during a time when skateboarding felt a bit far removed from art galleries it helped tie it all back together for me.

'Ruca'. 'Ruca' can be translated as "clothes" in Greek , and it is believed the 'V' as 'U' convention arises from this Greco-Roman connection. However, the closest anglicization of the Greek word for "clothes" (ρούχα) would be roúcha.

The RVCA Artist Network Program (ANP) is a groundbreaking initiative by RVCA that highlights and supports the work of both established and emerging artists across various disciplines. From fine art to street art, photography, and design, the ANP fosters a vibrant artistic community through collaborations, exhibitions, and exclusive projects. By providing financial backing, marketing support, and exposure opportunities, RVCA empowers artists to reach new audiences and express their creativity. Join the ANP and experience the fusion of art and fashion that defines RVCA's commitment to innovation and individuality. Ed Templeton, Sarah Delaney, Luke Pelletier, and Sage Vaughn are some notable artists they have worked with in the past, just to name a few.

RVCA has evolved into an expansive apparel line featuring Denim, Chinos, boardshorts, walkshorts, button ups, sweaters, sweatshirts, tee shirts and unique wovens, for Men, Women and Boys. Holding true to their artistic roots. RVCA is a brand that has something for everyone with strong design, fit and material.