Rome Snowboards

Rome SDS was founded in 2001 by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who started their own company with the goal of making products that last for the rider putting in 100+ days a year. 
Reed and Maravetz had worked together at Burton and left when they realized that there was a niche market of core riders being underserved. Surely, they could make a snowboard (and later bindings and boots) for them.
Rome Snowboards helped cement the core values of snowboarding counter culture. Rome is rider owned and opperated. Not owned by a ski company. Rome SDS believes that snowboarders should have strong personalities and be characters. Style matters, it's what seperates us from the jocks. Snowboarding should never feel comfortable being called a sport, because it is a lifestyle. Snowboarding is not the olympics. It is going out with your friends and getting weird in the snow.