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Sidewalk Sale

This weekend, August 15 & 16, we are having a sidewalk sale! We just want to take some of our best deals outside to enjoy some sun and maybe we can catch some rays too! Some of the deals include: $29 sweatshirts and button downs (perfect for back to school), buy one, get one 50% off all sale t-shirts, sale pants 2 for $79, sale shoes as low as $25 (!!!), and all last season fall jackets take an EXTRA 20% off (because we all know cold weather is coming). See you this weekend!

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Tony Christopher's Tyrant "Hello from the Gutter" full part

If you're from Michigan and skateboard you know Tony Christopher. AKA "Swamp" "Swampmonster" Winning contests, best tricks, shredding parks, looking at features and obstacles with a whole different scale of what is possible or reasonable. Tony is skateboarding. Since he was little, he's always stuck out. Tony's dad, Frank and him used to come into the shop I worked at in Novi (TWC) and buy stacks of pants and shoes, cursing up a storm, bickering and generally freaking out the strip mall patrons who happened to wander in from the adjacent beauty supply store. I loved every second of it. Perhaps the greatest part of working in a skateshop is the strong and memorable characters you get to encounter. Tony...

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