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Adam Mueller edit

Adam Mueller is the Yeti of Detroit skateboarding. While sightings may be somewhat rare, they always leave you speachless. Our dude has so much style, he makes falling look good. 100% committed and relaxed till the end.   While this is "throwaway" footage filmed by Jim Tumey and Justin Bohl. I was more than stoked to watch it. A lot of the photographs I have posted are captured on video in this edit. However, If you want to see some of his better work, check out the new Tyrant Skate Co Video, Hello From the Gutter or better yet, track him down. Some of the subtle stuff will never be fully appreciated on screen. photo 1: Adam Mueller 360 flip...

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Cameron Carmichael does tricks most skaters can't name edit

  Here is a solid edit from Cameron Carmichael. The tricks he is doing are completely mind-melting. Just about every variation of a russian boneless, nollie bigflip noseblunts, rallies, switch whatever to what the hell just happened... All of it styled to the max, effortless, and creative. Easily one of the best people I have ever seen skate. So, this edit has no music, but I bet Cameron Would have you throw on your favorite Zappa song and have you take a safety break for the next minute and 53 seconds. filmed and edited by Adam Mueller (The Graduate).

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