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"Buddy" A Michigan Skateboard Video

Buddy is a Michigan Skateboard video filmed primarily By Eric Kata and Matt Welsh in Michigan and a little in Arizona. Featuring our dudes, Anthony Marcus, Eric Kata, Brennan Richman and the homies: Austin Walsh, Tanner Sawgle, Nick Mulchay, and a whole host of other appearances. Great sound track, good mix of tranny and street, skatin' with your buddies can't be beat! Buddy from Lurkish Bathhouse on Vimeo.

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Cooking Up Somethin' Good by Evan Kotsonis

  Evan Kotsonis killed it with this skateboard edit! Solid sound track, VX flavor, Detroit antics. I miss skating outside... The slow motion police search crotch grab on Nick Dryps was priceless. Watch Brennan Richman, Dominic Palarchio, Nick Dryps, Mitch 'Sus' Metzger, Adam Lenchner, Tanner Swagle, Keith Phillips, Eric Kata, Josh Scribner, Pauli Lanzetta, Austin Walsh, Kevin Coughlin, Noah Devoe, Mikey Waite, and Lucas Linhares tear it up.

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