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Dominic Palarchio's Transworld Skateboarding Proof Sheet

Dominic Palarchio is one talented individual. Whether it be on a snowboard, as part of the Burton Knowbuddy AM program, On a skateboard interacting with the urban landscape of Detroit, or behind the lens documenting Detroit Skateboarding; It's hard to know what direction he's going to go because he's good enough to follow whatever path he chooses. This very much parallels another former employee, Cameron Strand who did this interview with Dominic (and probably helped set this whole thing up). It's no surprise Cameron sees a lot of himself in Dominic. They both come from the same hometown of Brighton, Michigan.They both are a couple of wallflowers, who take a bit of work to get to know and are more...

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PEOPLE Reflective collection

The People Reflective collection features a 3M reflective ink in our classic Milk Jug logo on a Coaches Jacket and a Milk Jug pullover sweatshirt as well as a new "Out Of The Box" logo on a pullover sweatshirt and t-shirt with 3m ink The 3m Reflective ink illuminates with flash photos or when hit with unnatural light at night. otherwise it looks pretty much like regular silver ink.

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Virtual Tour of People Skate and Snowboard

  Take a Virtual Tour of People Skate and Snowboard! We have made many friends over the years and it's not always plausible to get back to our shop as often as you may like, but now you can cruise the racks... virtually. Have a favorite spot you liked to stand? stand their virtually. spend 20 minutes spinning around in circles. Always wanted to run around the shop with reckless abandon? Now you can with the click of your mouse and without bothering us. Isn't technology great?

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