Dominic Palarchio is one talented individual. Whether it be on a snowboard, as part of the Burton Knowbuddy AM program, On a skateboard interacting with the urban landscape of Detroit, or behind the lens documenting Detroit Skateboarding; It's hard to know what direction he's going to go because he's good enough to follow whatever path he chooses.

This very much parallels another former employee, Cameron Strand who did this interview with Dominic (and probably helped set this whole thing up). It's no surprise Cameron sees a lot of himself in Dominic. They both come from the same hometown of Brighton, Michigan.They both are a couple of wallflowers, who take a bit of work to get to know and are more comfortable in silence than you are. They grew up riding the same hill and worked their way into AM snowboard programs. This journey ultimately led them to photography.

In the 21st century, there is a necessity to document your travels as a sponsored snowboarder. Money is tighter than ever and your sponsors have no budget to fly out photographers or filmers, So it is up to you to network and learn how to create marketing content to stay with the program. It's just an unexpected part of the job. Necessity is the mother of invention. You pick up a camera and start shooting. You pick up a video camera and learn how to edit. Through trial and error, You mimic and master until you've got it.

Alec Ash Drop in 50-50

A midwesterner looking to skateboarding or snowboarding as a career path has the cards more heavily stacked against them. However, that high work ethic and persistence that worked for Cameron and I see working for Dominic, gives us a fighting chance.
Work Hard, Always be available to shoot and drive, and have fun documenting your travels from a unique perspective.

Read the interview and check out more of Dominic Palarchio's photos on Transworld Skateboarding's Proof Sheet.
 Quentin Caveman Nosegrind in Hart Plaza, Detroit MI

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