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Polar Skate co. 2016 Spring Line Has Landed

Alongside Polar's new video release we've as well had the arrival of their Spring 2016 line up of decks; with sizes spanning from 8.0 to 8.5 in popsicle shapes and the signature P8 shape there's something for everyone here. All Polar Skate co. decks are made in the USA at Generator Woodshop to ensure quality that's built to last meanwhile putting a buck or two back into the good 'ol homeland.  Here's Aaron Herrington's part from Static IV to get you thinking about if and why you should support a skateboard company that's easily influencing the proper direction of pushing these wooden toys in our era.

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Polar Skate co. spring apparel has arrived

  Polar Skate Co has been a favorite brand of our shop since it's inception. Founded by Pontus Alv and based in Malmo, Sweden, Polar has been a huge inspiration to the DIY skate spot building movement and helped propel the shift to smaller indie skateboard brands. Always focused on making a quality product the spring apparel does not disappoint. We received a "No Comply" collection with the popular polar no comply logo embroidered in a similar fashion to Polo. The Collection consists of The Polar skate Co. No Comply cap and The Polar No Comply tee in pink. The No comply image pulls inspiration from classic early 20th century artists and was featured in a series of skateboard decks...

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