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Adam Mueller edit

Adam Mueller is the Yeti of Detroit skateboarding. While sightings may be somewhat rare, they always leave you speachless. Our dude has so much style, he makes falling look good. 100% committed and relaxed till the end.   While this is "throwaway" footage filmed by Jim Tumey and Justin Bohl. I was more than stoked to watch it. A lot of the photographs I have posted are captured on video in this edit. However, If you want to see some of his better work, check out the new Tyrant Skate Co Video, Hello From the Gutter or better yet, track him down. Some of the subtle stuff will never be fully appreciated on screen. photo 1: Adam Mueller 360 flip...

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Rosa Parks Boys in Juxtapoz

Here is some more great coverage of the 2051 Rosa Parks space! Most of the photos were shot before the space was even open and captures Nick Jaskey painting the now iconic red triangles adorning this flexible space.RPB is a flexible creative warehouse space in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood. There's no shortage of artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and creative individuals in this city, and they are there to provide them with a space to express themselves and their ideas. They recently had their Grand Opening and hosted an art show for Nick Jaskey. There is a gallery portion of the space that features new art every two weeks. Basically, every other Friday they host an opening reception featuring a new artist.Behind...

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Rosa Parks Boys cover story in Metrotimes

  On Saturday, May 31st We had the pleasure of meeting with Emma Ockerman from the Metrotimes while we were hosting our Pop-Up Skate Shop and Static IV premiere. She wrote this article which materialized into a Metrotimes cover story! Cover Story The Rosa Parks Boys' skateboarder paradise By Emma Ockerman Published: June 17, 2014 Right off the main drag of Michigan Avenue, there’s noise on Rosa Parks Boulevard where there hasn’t been for months. Cars are pulling in and out of a small parking lot across the street from a crumbling white brick house, bright red triangles painted on its sides. You can hear the sound of urethane wheels slapping the cracked pavement from a block away, and a...

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