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Ruff Ryders 3.5

Kyle Eby dropped Ruff Ryders 3.5 online this week. It features a bunch of our riders (Roberto Rodriguez, Jordan Zuppke, Tony Christopher, Matt Wilson, Scott Smith) and friends unused clips from Ruff Ryders 3. Well worth the 13 minutes of your time! Watch this, get hyped, go skate.  

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"Panacea" a Great Lakes Skateboarding film by Jake Breed

Check out Jake Breed's newest Great Lakes skateboarding film,"Panacea" "Panacea": a universal remedy; a cure to what ails. Featuring our dudes: Cameron Carmichael, Jordan Zuppke, and Casey Huizenga. As well as other Michigan Natives: Tyler Franz, Braydon Kavanagh, David Engerer, Auttiesh Danger, Talen Bartz, John Hebert, Mike Hoag, Joe Lanenga & many more. additional filming by Greg Szudzik   PANACEA from Jake Breed on Vimeo.  

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Sounds of Skateboarding by Brad Stencil

Brad Stencil got together with Jordan Zuppke, Cameron Carmichael, Matt Wilson, Tony Christopher, Roberto Rodriguez, Paul Goodrich, Andrew Stencil, and Duke Austerberry and filmed a short skate video inspired by a short film... Sounds of Skateboarding from Brad Stencil on Vimeo. "4 years ago, I decided I wanted to make a different kind of skate video. I was inspired by a montage of a laundromat that was paired with music made of sounds from that setting. My idea was to do something similar, but with skateboarding sounds instead. Enjoy." -Brad Stencil Original music by Wasaaga incorporating samples of the sounds of skateboarding.

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