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John_R by M1lkBaby

In spirit of the recent disposal of his vx1000, Dominic Palarchio decided to dump some  local footage that we've been itching to view for a while now. John_R features the likings of shop heads such as Alec Ash, Brandon Ash, Brennan Richman, Quentin Boyer, Cooper Prezkop, and of course Dominic; all alongside many local homies. This was all filmed predominately in the Metro-Detroit/downtown area as well as some footage from several trips to Chicago. Enjoy! Alec Ash fs 50-50, photo by Dominic Palarchio Brennan Richman bs 50-50, photo by Dominic Palarchio Quentin Boyer bs wallride late shuv, photo by Dominic Palarchio

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King of The Ave 2014

Refuge puts on a skateboard contest every October that mimics Thrasher's King Of The Road. Teams are made of 5 skaters and 1 filmer (who can skate too) and the must film an edit of their exploits. There are challenges that teams can earn bonus points for completing. Budgets are smaller (or non-existent), so the only real limitation is that all the skateboarding must be filmed on Michigan Avenue which stretches from Detroit to the suburbs and beyond.People didn't have an official team this year, but we had skaters who are on our skate team as members in crews. The Team that had the most we have to offer was the Hot Boys / Good Do UP team. It was...

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