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sHORTS Skateboard Videos Recap

sHORTS Skateboard Videos Dunwell Dry Goods has been the host of many of Detroit's most infamous skate events. sHORTS was a night of  skateboard videos curated by Detroit native, Francois Decomble and nothing short of incredible. sHORTS was a vision of displaying locally rooted skateboard videos from various filmers, in the spirit of bringing the community together for a good time. The event was held on September 24th and since then, a number of videos that were displayed at the premiere have surfaced online. Many of the videos include shop riders: Erik Kata, Brennan Richman, Quentin Boyer, Cooper Prezkop, Cameron Carmichael, Adam Mueller, and more; skating alongside many local homies of ours, enjoy! shorts by Adam Mueller Citi T.V. Ep...

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