sHORTS Skateboard Videos

Dunwell Dry Goods has been the host of many of Detroit's most infamous skate events. sHORTS was a night of  skateboard videos curated by Detroit native, Francois Decomble and nothing short of incredible. sHORTS was a vision of displaying locally rooted skateboard videos from various filmers, in the spirit of bringing the community together for a good time. The event was held on September 24th and since then, a number of videos that were displayed at the premiere have surfaced online. Many of the videos include shop riders: Erik Kata, Brennan Richman, Quentin Boyer, Cooper Prezkop, Cameron Carmichael, Adam Mueller, and more; skating alongside many local homies of ours, enjoy!

shorts by Adam Mueller
Citi T.V. Ep 2 by Fritz Pfaf


Lame Promo by Steve Regish

Vid For Saturday by Quentin Boyer

Other videos that premiered which haven't surfaced on the internet yet are Kevin Skutchfields "Cook County: This Normal Life", Francois' "Birds of Paradise", Rob Gatowski's "Love Whorer" and Matt Hebert's (who deigned our recent Bloom Collection) video. Surely, some will make way to your eyes via the internet, but others will be lost to obscurity and live in the memories of those that attended.

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