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"Buddy" A Michigan Skateboard Video

Buddy is a Michigan Skateboard video filmed primarily By Eric Kata and Matt Welsh in Michigan and a little in Arizona. Featuring our dudes, Anthony Marcus, Eric Kata, Brennan Richman and the homies: Austin Walsh, Tanner Sawgle, Nick Mulchay, and a whole host of other appearances. Great sound track, good mix of tranny and street, skatin' with your buddies can't be beat! Buddy from Lurkish Bathhouse on Vimeo.

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People Welcomes Eric Kata

We're proud to welcome to the team yet another local talent who's skills were honed at the Auburn Hills skatepark, Erik Kata. Kata's got a keen sense of style, a unique ability to skate transition and adapt that to street skating. At some point, It became a no brainer that Kata would make his way onto our skate team. With that said, he earned this with consistent support of the shop, attendance at our events, and being a genuinely inspirational guy to be around. We're excited to see where this new opportunity takes him!   photo by: Eddy Liddy Photo by: Daniel Stelly

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Swamp in the Damn AM bowl jam

Tony "Swamp" Christopher, David Dixon and Josh Rubin took a trip down to Atlanta to film for Josh's latest skateboard video project, "The Backwoods Video". Tony managed to slay the Damn Am Bowl Jam. Getting this photo of a 5-0 yank in to fakie. photo: Bart Jones Check JNJ Video's Blog for the whole story and more photos

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