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Swamp in the Damn AM bowl jam

Tony "Swamp" Christopher, David Dixon and Josh Rubin took a trip down to Atlanta to film for Josh's latest skateboard video project, "The Backwoods Video". Tony managed to slay the Damn Am Bowl Jam. Getting this photo of a 5-0 yank in to fakie. photo: Bart Jones Check JNJ Video's Blog for the whole story and more photos

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Tony Christopher and Mark Davenport at SPOT

Here's a video of our rider Tony Christopher and Tyrant rider Mark Davenport killing the bowl at Skate Park Of Tampa. Alright, so it's really mostly of Mark, but the dude is so good, how couldn't it be? By supporting Tyrant skate co, you are ensuring these dudes have boards to skate. By supporting us, you are ensuring that you have a place to buy them. support out scene, buy local.  

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