If you're from Michigan and skateboard you know Tony Christopher. AKA "Swamp" "Swampmonster" Winning contests, best tricks, shredding parks, looking at features and obstacles with a whole different scale of what is possible or reasonable. Tony is skateboarding.

Since he was little, he's always stuck out. Tony's dad, Frank and him used to come into the shop I worked at in Novi (TWC) and buy stacks of pants and shoes, cursing up a storm, bickering and generally freaking out the strip mall patrons who happened to wander in from the adjacent beauty supply store. I loved every second of it. Perhaps the greatest part of working in a skateshop is the strong and memorable characters you get to encounter. Tony Christopher is one of them.

It seems only natural for a personality that strong to become a great skateboarder. The trick is, Tony NEVER STOPS. He'll go to battle day after day. While filming this part I can't tell you how many times he was unable to even walk in the shop as he'd heat molds a fresh pair of Emerica The Romero Laced. Grip up a Tyrant Skateboard after skating 10 miles because he didn't have a ride. Only to be driven to a huge spot on a filming mission and put something crazy down. He always performs. He doesn't make excuses. His determination is without question.

He worked tirelessly while filming this part for Tyrant Skateboards "Hello From The Gutter". This video part is the result of probably 100 snapped skateboards, about 20 pairs of Emerica shoes, countless pairs of now ass-less pants, almost all self financed. People like Tony inspire you to work harder, be a better skateboarder, and above all else, have a blast doing it. enjoy!

All Photos by Eddie Liddy


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